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George Gonzalez


Born 1961, Havana Cuba

George Gonzalez studied at Columbia College and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Art History.  He also studied abroad at the American School in Paris, through Parsons School of Design. 


Having worked in catalog and print work in Chicago in the late eighties he moved to Miami Beach, Fl where he worked for a short time in Fashion Photography and later learned Graphic Design and worked as a Graphic Designer.  


He launched a Luxury Linen brand line in 1999 and later was head designer for the Premier Collection of IZOD Home.  


He currently owns and operates Angelic Dreamz and is the Creator of JAMIEshow Dolls, where he now spends his days photography Fashion dolls for notable national magazines such as Fashion Doll Quarterly and Haute Doll Magazine.

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